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Thread: H.Moser Pioneer Center Seconds (Steel)

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    Stunning watch! I hope someday they'll come up with a SS automatic model with date...

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    As promised some pics of the kudu (East African antelope) below. It is a lot like the Panerai assolutemente strap. Has a velvety feel and comes with a 'patina' from the antelopes harsh living environment. Pretty comfy from first wear.

    I think it works (even with my pale skin) as it provides an alternatives to the dark coloured rubber and croc/gator strap that would usually go on it. As a result focus goes on the dial which is the core of the whole watch. Just wish I had the green backed version, unfortunately this one is plain brown.
    On a separate point Moser contacted me this afternoon on the fabric strap. Apparently it will be available in the summer as a direct purchase form them.

    The dome !

    Slightly thicker than the rubber/croc on the buckle side.

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    Thanks alot for those pics, that looks really good definatly draws the eyes to the head.
    I think might have to order one lol.

    The pioneer definately needs a thicker strap, the only problem with the matte gator, as gorgeous as it is, is it's slightly too thin at the lugs so the strap sits slightly too low. The kudu looks nice and inline with the lugs.

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    Its a more sporty watch and deserves a more relaxed strap, that kudu looks a nice combination!

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    a stunning watch anyway, but that kudu strap really sets it off nicely imo

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