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Thread: Sinn Servicing for UK based owners

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    Sinn Servicing for UK based owners


    I know there has been a bad backlog on Sinn Servicing at the Fft factory in recent times. My beloved U1 recently packed up (suddenly felt rough to wind then the crown stopped completely) and I remembered hearing some horror stories at the end of last year re 6 month waiting times etc.

    I started by calling Sinn DE: Err, guten tag. Mein aufzugskrone ist kaputt! "Its ok sir, I speak English....". Seriously, the young lady I spoke to was extremely helpful and said turnaround times were 12 to 14 weeks for a U1 service. She stressed that it would take longer if the customer wanted to confirm their estimate first. I know the watch needs fixing so I'm happy to take the 180 EUR full service quote up front.

    There's a strong chance I'll take the opportunity to go back in the New Year and pick it up in person as we still have a lot of friends in Fft from when I used to live there. So that "saves" me the 65 shipping home.. Another watch shopping opportunity too!

    Thought I'd check with Page & Cooper as well. They quoted a 6 week turnaround for 295 for a full service. I didn't bother asking about the cost of a repair sans service.

    Think I'll stick with a workshop I know and trust and send the watch to Fft.

    Hope this info helps any other Sinn owners.



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    I had my Sister (who lives in Germany) take my U2 into the Sinn AD in Essen. They can service in store and took just under 4 weeks. Serviced and replaced parts. Total price 350.
    Very happy with the work.

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