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Thread: EioTek 13 pcs Watch Repair Tool Kit Review

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    EioTek 13 pcs Watch Repair Tool Kit Review

    The kit supplied by EioTek comes in a rugged zip-up case and contains precision screwdrivers, a movement holder, a case back removal tool, a link removal tool, tweezers, multiple bits for an assortment of different miniature screw heads, a wide flat blade for removing a non-screw down caseback and a spring bar removal tool - all the things that you would need to get into a watch or adjust the bracelet.

    I particularly liked the precision screwdrivers - the kit has just about every size you could possibly need. Three of the drivers feature a rotating top for you to rest the tip of your finger on - this is a nice touch and allows you to work with much greater precision.

    I had no problems using the case back removal tool to take the back off a Rolex Yachtmaster and it left no marks on the caseback. The tweezers are particularly useful thanks to their extra long length and very fine tips which allow you to pick up the smallest of screws without any problems.

    I did find the Link Removal Tool a little Ďplastickyí and had a large amount of Ďtravelí compared with the other tools in the pack. In all fairness it still does the job and itís one of those tools thatís extremely useful but used quite rarely in reality.

    The case itself is excellent. It feels like itís made from heavy duty ballistic nylon type material and thereís a place for every tool. The handle of the zipper could do with being very slightly longer but that really is nitpicking - especially when you take into account the overall price of the kit.

    In conclusion, for the price, this toolkit represents excellent value for money and I highly recommend it to anyone who feels they could make use of some of the tools. Iím sure a professional watchmaker would want to select higher quality individual tools to meet their requirements but I donít think this kit is really aimed at professionals as they would pay about twice as much just for a springbar removal tool. So taking the price into account I have no hesitation in giving this watch repair toolkit five stars.

    The toolkit can be found with the following URL:-


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    How on earth did you manage to remove a Rolex caseback with a Jaxa caseback tool?

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    Why did you want to take the back off your Rolex?

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