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Thread: Anyone own a Schofield?

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    Anyone own a Schofield?

    Just curious...

    I'm interested in the moon glow technology and if it really works but that's not a feature of all their watches i know.

    I've never seen one in the flesh but next time in the UK i might try and get hold of one to look at.

    Just a curiosity post to see if there is any feedback from an owner.

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    MattH has a couple.

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    The moon glow material was on the now sold out black lamp. The material was supplied by blackbadger (blackbadger.se)

    I have one of the blued titanium beaters and the original signalman - both now sold out / discontinued.

    The latest one on sale is the Daymark.

    They do not any retail presence though are happy to meet up to show you their wares :) - i suspect they may be back at salon qp this year.



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    I have shown interest a few times but I cannot get over the rrp of these things, also the case size looks really tall.
    VDB are in a similar vein, and another range of watches that appeal to me, especially their use of old movements for their cases, but wow, the prices! Oh and they watches also seem huge!

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    Thanks for the update.
    I didn't realize they were sold you, that's a shame as i thought they looked interesting and would have liked to see one.
    I'm a fan of gas tube lights and hoped this might be effective in the same fashion though i do understand it's still "charged" in the same way as Superluminova etc.

    I can see that they are large (particularly tall...) watches too but since it wouldn't be a dress watch i didn't mind this too much. It's just that I can't buy a watch without seeing it on my wrist because my visual imagination just isn't acute enough for me to picture it properly.

    Sadly i'm not in the UK enough to visit easily but I will see if i can make the effort.

    I like the idea of them though and the general aesthetic tone.

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