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Thread: Going to need a new side of calf ..

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    Going to need a new side of calf ..

    Thanks to the awesome Pete (sbs thread prior) and prior excellent threads in what weaponry you need to hack some leather around (thank you for inspiration to Messrs Gerbil and Coupe) ... A spot of making later resulted in this ...

    .. The first attempt turned out far, far, far too thin ...

    .. So other than going nuts on vintage leather articles and butchering them - where have other folks got smaller quantities of veg tan calf from ..?

    (Next stop fully stitched :-/ ...)

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    Really good stuff! It's fun isn't it??

    Talking of leather... where does everyone buy their leather? I'm looking for some nice bridle leather but not really found a good place to buy.

    Any recommendation from anyone? (feel free to PM me if you prefer)

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