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Thread: FIFA and the missing Hublot

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    FIFA and the missing Hublot

    It appears the fine upstanding governing body of world football have somehow contrived to misplace six 10,000 Hublot Big Bangs on the journey to the 'The Best' awards from their headquarters in Zurich to the televised event in errrrmmm Zurich.
    The watches were intended for the winners of various awards and the day was apparently saved when Hublot found some replacements.
    Please keep your eyes peeled as there are footballers out there having to rely on their phones to tell them the time.

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    Should we start a 'GoFundMe' for the poor souls?

    Fifa make News International look like a fine, upstanding, transparent organisation.

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    I'll bet their route to the venue was as tenuous as the path of the ball from the guy who won the Puskas award this year!

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    one of the most corrupt organisations in the world "lost" 10 expensive watches, bet the new CEO has something new in his safe

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