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Thread: Watch Winder Noise

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    Watch Winder Noise


    I've finally decided to join the forum after starting up my watch collection properly again and really looking around to see what I like in the world of watches.

    I wanted to get a watch winder for my new acquisition......a U-Boat U51 Chimera Solid Bronze, as it won't be an everyday watch. http://www.u-boatwatch.co.uk/#!solid-bronze/c1ju4

    I bought a Wolf Designs 2.5 winder (without cover) http://uk.wolfdesigns.com/watch-wind...r-single-brown

    It's my first experience of using a watch winder and I just wanted to check something with anyone who has used them before.

    The winder is making a slight knocking noise once or twice per rotation as it rotates.....even with no watch on the cuff. Is this normal? It does not seem to be struggling at all and is rotating smoothly, but aside from the knocking noise it definitely is not silent but isn't too loud either.

    Can anyone tell me if this is normal?



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    Sounds like a nasty case of wobbly winder disease!

    Welcome to the forum from another lapsed collector.

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    I have two winders that allow the watch to move slightly in the holder, and that movement makes a very slight knocking sound once each revolution. It is difficult to see if the Wolf winder you have uses a spring-loaded plastic insert (which might knock) or a foam-only insert which should not knock. Try securing the watch in its holder a little more tightly and see if the noise diminishes. If not, the winder itself probably needs replacement. For what a Wolf winder costs, you ought to get something fairly quiet.
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    I have 2 cheap watch winders which I use infrequently.
    It seems to me that the heavier the watch, the more likely it is to move, and yes it makes a quiet knocking sound.

    If I am going to leave the winder on, I leave it out of earshot

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I have tried the Winder with no watch on the cuff at all and it still made the noise so I know it is nothing to do with the watch catching or rocking in the Winder.

    I've just got home and tried it again after leaving it to do its thing while I was at work.....The knocking noise seems to have gone! So maybe the motor / gears just needed a bit of bedding in. I'm still left with the whiring noise but it's not unbearable so hopefully that will improve a bit as well. Again I've tried it with the watch, without the watch, and without the cuff.....and the the noise is the same whichever I try.

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    I've learnt the hard way with winders - most of them tend to get knackered pretty quickly, even the pricey ones - the knocking has got the be something getting out of alignment - a couple of mine do it, but I don't think it harms the watch. I now opt for the 30 ebay jobs and view them as a consumable. If they get noisy after a year or two, I'm not really fussed. (I've actually got a couple of Silent Image winders that were pretty cheap and still going after 10 years - they don't wind all autos though).

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    Well, all I can tell you is that my girlfrend switches it off every evening. So I guess it's noisy ...

    (it's a cheap modalo, but it does the job)

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    Have to agree with andrewcregan that the heavier the watch the more likely it may be inclined to move slightly and make a knocking noise.

    I've now given up using my cheap, but quiet watchwinder and enjoy setting my watches as and when I need them.
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    I've had the same knocking and clonking noise, and not only that eventually I found case locking screws had come loose on the back of the watch!!!

    It was a vertical plastic "cushion" winder and I stopped using it, of course.

    I do have other 3 winders that have the cushions at an angle of about 45 degrees, and other then stripping them down occasionally to free up tight bearings they are fine.

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