Hi guys i have just come across this E-book on a torrent site and thought it might be of some use to someone on here


Item Description

This CD-Rom contains the Complete 35 Lesson Home Study Course (PDF's) produced by the Chicago School of Watchmaking. Included on the CD-Rom is the entire course, consisting of 35 Detailed Lesson Plans. In addition, there is a separate 50 page, fully illustrated, "Tools and Materials of the Trade" section which describes the tools and materials required for watch repair.

The Master Watchmaking Home Study Course was created by Master Watchmakers, and Chicago School of Watchmaking founders, Thomas and Byron Sweazey. The purpose of the home study course was to provide a way for people unable to attend the resident school, an opportunity to receive the same level of professional instruction at home. Their patented “Sweazey System of Learning”, allows anybody the ability to learn watch repair during their spare time, and from the comfort of their own home. This unique and proven system provides Step by Step Professional Instruction on how to repair all types of Swiss and American watches (Non Battery Powered). You work with watches from your very First Lesson. Therefore, you can use your training soon after you start. Each lesson is explained in plain, every-day language, just as your instructor would talk to you individually. Lessons are so expertly prepared that a person with no experience is easily and gradually led step by step to a complete and thorough mastery of watch repairing. At the end of each Lesson Plan are Job Sheets, which provide the student with practice tasks from the specific material reviewed in the Lesson. Once you are capable of completing each task in a Professional workman like manner, you then move on to the next Lesson Plan. The home study course provides the same professional level of instructiontraining as one would receive if attending the full time resident school. The student will learn to use specialized tools such as the staking tool, friction jewelling tool, and watchmakers lathe just to name a few. By the end of the course, you will be able to take a watch completely apart, find the real trouble that hinders it from keeping good time, make the necessary repairs and time it perfectly.

Although originally produced in the 1950's (last updated in the mid 1970’s), this course is still regarded as the most complete, easy to follow watch repair course available. Many well known, present day watchmakers have completed this correspondence course, and then gone on to have successful careers as watchmakers, as well as hold other prominent positions within the field of Horology.