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Thread: Omega 9300 Movement & Mini Review

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    Omega 9300 Movement & Mini Review

    Having had my new Omega PO Chrono now for a month, I am starting to realise just how sophisticated the engineering of the movement is. Everyone goes on about it being nothing new, but the little details they have gone to like the silicon hair spring and coating of the movement pieces are just sublime. The reality is this movement will give pretty much better accuracy than most watches in existence today. I have timed it head on against my Rolex DeepSea and in two weeks it has lost 4 seconds. My Rolex has lost about 30 seconds which is still well within COSC and only a couple of seconds a day. I think that to be able to buy an Omega with a movement that delivers at that level for 5k makes it a great choice. Pair that with the 4 year warranty and the 10 year service level intervals, you can almost call it good value for money, which in this day and age is very hard to find.

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    Re: Omega 9300 Movement & Mini Review

    Yours is more accurate than mine. I'm averaging a gain of 2 seconds a day, and a little less if it's stored face down while I'm at work.

    I think it's an amazing watch, truly stunning.

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