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Thread: Help:- Places to eat in Bruges

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    Help:- Places to eat in Bruges


    Will be "In Bruges" :lol: on Monday / Tuesday with the wife & looking for recomendations for places to eat,
    I have had a search on the forum & found some info but its not that specific so I wonder if there are two resturants that we must eat at while there or any that must be avoided at all costs?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Help:- Places to eat in Bruges

    hi si

    was in bruges recently and ate at the pub with 400 odd beers, very good food, no frills but really nice

    called the cambrinus

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    Re: Help:- Places to eat in Bruges

    de vlaamsche pot- ver good indeed and not too pricey- best to book in advance
    also try oud handbogenhof for simple cheaper dishes
    coq au vin is also excellent
    tbh I would keep away from the restaurants around the main square, but each to their own.

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    Re: Help:- Places to eat in Bruges

    De Visscherie
    Vismarkt 8
    8000 Bruges, Belgium
    http://www.visscherie.be/Restaurant-vis ... sp?taal=nl

    It's opposite the Fishmarket and guess what it specialises in...? :lol:
    There's a little bar around the corner called 't Lammetje - it's right on the corner of the Canal where it turns 90 degrees, at the point where Rozenhoedkaai becomes Braambergstraat. REally picturesque, you can sit outside with a cheeky beer and people-watch the day away. Both are a short walk from the Groeningemuseum (if that's on your right, canal on left, keep walking straight and you'll meet the bar just where the canal bends. Restaurant is 100 yards past, left after Fishmarket building)

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    Re: Help:- Places to eat in Bruges

    can't remember the name but there is an ace bar in the main square with a big roaring fire (in winter anyway), that had a good selection and did waffles to die for!!
    jon thompson


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    Re: Help:- Places to eat in Bruges

    Bit late I know but;

    http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Eu ... -BR-1.html

    Sorry just realised someone else has posted this restaurant as well - but it is very good

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    Re: Help:- Places to eat in Bruges

    Thanks to every one who gave me a heads up It seems like a few of the higher end offerings are closed for summer holidays while we are out there so I think it'll be


    & while in Amsterdam I've gone for:

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    Re: Help:- Places to eat in Bruges

    This would have been extremely useful for us a couple of weeks ago when we spent the night in Bruges. It was reasonably late when we got there, and in the end we played safe and just went to Pizza Hut

    Lovely city though..



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