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Ive had rotten luck with DHL over the years (to the Falklands)

In a nutshell everytime I had iPhones or iPad minis sent they have been nicked. Anything bigger like a Macbook no problem!!!

Apparently at the Chilean depot when if the item inside is ID and also small and valuable it has a high chance of being nicked.

On my last claim DHL asked if the phone was a Apple one. As soon as I confirmed it was the guy said “ah in that case def stolen” as if its a regular thing and was not suprised!

In my case (depot in South America) they recommend me to double or triple box things as most stuff nicked at the depot is done quickly and discreetly which must be the case as usually the parcel is not opened from the top but a tiny hole made just for a hand to reach in. Presumable they nick the small stuff that can be smuggled out the depot without bosses / CCTV noticing.

Anyhow I wish you luck!!!
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