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  1. SOTC Part 1

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    Thanks for your comments!
    Not surprisingly the SMP has it's fans.
    My favourite is probably the Cosmonaute.
    Would be the Cosmonaute for me as well. Lovely looking thing. Must get searching for a nice 809 again!

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    Those are lovely.
  2. car insurance - insurer trying to retrospectively charge more

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    I guess its just a question of who you consider to be a junior member of staff, in my experience its usually an Assistant PA who does the initial sift to filter out the nutters.
    It does probably depends on the business you're in. The more likely your customers will complaint to try and get compensation, the higher ranked and the greater experience in handling complaints.
    In my experience, polite letters of complaint to the CE usually work. Sometimes they read them, sometimes the ...
  3. A rare experience regarding an incoming.

    It is a great watch, glad you like it, gave mine to my dad (ex RAF) and he likes it - easy to read with 88 year old eyes.
  4. BB Bronze - a few days in..

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    I've got mine on an Erika strap, but one made of leather from a vintage ammo bag. Bronze buckle which is developing patina.

    Would love over to see a picture of that mate.
    Will post one but can't do it until the weekend
  5. New Breguet Marine

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    The Breguet Marine 5817 (with big date) is one of my favorite watches ever. But, my goodness, what have Breguet replaced it with....?

    See: https://marine.breguet.com

    I'm a big fan of the brand, but the numerals on this watch are really cheap looking.
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