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  1. Buying a dog

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    Having a dog is great Rob, some people love it and some people, it's just not their thing.

    It's a big change in lifestyle though. To think of it along the lines of having another kid isn't too far off or as ridiculous as it sounds. In my view, it's a similar sort of commitment.

    Edit : just to add, dogs and kids go together very well. Insurance doesn't have to cost as much as you think. Anyone that gets a dog, get it insured, that's my advice. Young dogs are alot cheaper
  2. The Pam 243 Raffle - Winning ticket

    Great job on cooridinating this Iain coordinating this mist have been an undertaling, a credit to tz-uk. Congrats also to the winner.
  3. Every day knife - the Enzo PK70 G10

    My trusty old Swiss army knife I;ve had since my teens finally gave up so I took the opportunity to replace it with something a bit nicer that I will pass on to my son one day:

    Main criteria:

    - EDC (Every Day Carry) legal for both UK and Spain (wife is Spanish)
    - Discreet blade profile (I find something like the Spyderco too aggressive for everyday use - a lot of people would find it intimidating)
    - A handle that will stand up to moisture and robust handling ...
  4. Patagonia Hi Loft down hoody

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    Time to get your coat, if you have any left.
    Now that's funny!
  5. A42/M42 Birmingham should I avoid this road tomorrow?

    Quote Originally Posted by andy armitage View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by swanbourne View Post
    You could have a look at A38>M5.

    Thanks Eddie I will have a look.
    M5 is a no no Roadworks just started Jun 1 to Jun 4

    As I said if you are hitting at around 9.3 you will be fine, there are no big events at the NEC this week. I came through this morning Jun 9 to 6 no problem
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