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  1. Dynam Tiger Moth RC Plane. New

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    That's a brilliant story! :)
  2. G Shock Cheaper in the good old USA?

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    Hi im visiting the USA in the near future and I'm looking to buy a GWG-1000 and i was wondering if it's worth waiting to buy it in the USA and save my self some money or isn't there much of a saving to be had?


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    Serious reply.
    Don't go to a 'watch' shop. Try Walmart or the big department stores e.g. Penneys, Macy's etc watch counters. They seem to offer Casio gshocks at greatly reduced prices.
  3. July 2017

    by , 15th July 2017 at 16:18 (Zelig's Watch History)
    Jaeger-Le-Coultre : Master Quartz

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  4. June 2017

    by , 6th July 2017 at 23:17 (Zelig's Watch History)
    Zenith Porto 28800
  5. Patek Philippe buying help/support/enabling (5167,5164,5711 and 5712)

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    Retail is 13,750 I believe, hence a 4 year old one for more (and possibly needing a service soon which is not cheap) is not so attractive
    people nowadays pay crazy premiums for lots of bullocks
    5711 / 5712 maybe but I wouldnt for a 4 year old 5167 which is a lor easier to get
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